In Europe about 500 million people are affected by social insurance schemes funded or endorsed through society as a collective social security. Decisions on entitlement to benefit are usually based on medical assessments which in turn are based on European insurance medical knowledge and common methods. EUMASS/UEMASS wants to offer a platform to exchange experiences within the field of Insurance Medicine between various insurance-related organisations in Europe, mainly focusing on public social security.

EUMASS/UEMASS was founded in 1972 and became a non profit organisation under Belgian law (asbl) on 23rd June 2022. Currently the secretariat is situated in Brussels, Belgium.

The General Assembly is the main body of EUMASS/UEMASS. Each Member State of EUMASS/UEMASS may nominate up to two representatives, and may nominate one deputy for each representative. The representatives and the deputies have to be medical doctors.

The EUMASS/UEMASS General Assembly meets three times a year with scientific seminars and runs several working groups.

The aim of EUMASS/UEMASS is to facilitate the spreading and sharing of scientific knowledge and “Good Practice” in the field of Insurance Medicine. This is primarily done by arranging scientific congresses every two years in one of the Member States of EUMASS/UEMASS [ ] in cooperation with a local Organising Committee. In order to ensure good scientific quality EUMASS/UEMASS has a Scientific Committee of senior researchers.

All congresses are sought for approval of accreditation by EACCME (The European Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education). EUMASS/UEMASS has an appointed CME expert.
EUMASS/UEMASS is an associated member of CPME, the Standing Committee of European Doctors, which represents all doctors in the EU (
Besides, EUMASS/UEMASS cooperates with the Cochrane Institute’s branch of Insurance Medicine (