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PLEN-01Keynote speakerSick leave, attrition and injury reduction; civilian and military paragdigmsGOORTS KaatBELGIUM
PLEN-02Keynote speakerImplement of Cochrane Woork in real-life practice of insurance medicine / Core Outcome Set (COS) for Work partocipationHOVING JanNETHERLANDS
PLEN-03Keynote speakerA systems viewof work disability prevention: Some new insights on an old problemCOLLIEALEX AUSTRALIA
PLEN-04Keynote speakerDoes work beyond the stutary retirement age have an impact on health and functional capacity?KIVIMÄKIMikaFINLAND
PLEN-05Keynote speakerBetter work focused care for workers with chronic conditionsSCHAAFSMA                                   Frederieke NETHERLANDS
PLEN-06Keynote speakerEffects of occupational rehabilitation on return to workAASDAHL                                                      Lene NORWAY
PLEN-07Keynote speakerEfficiency of new drugs introduced in health careWINDELERJurgen GERMANY
PLEN-08Keynote speakerHeath System Performance Assessment: how well do Eiropean countries perform?BUSSEReinhard GERMANY
PLEN-09Keynote speakerThe University in the global health crisisSIBILIA                                                         Jean FRANCE
PLEN-10Keynote speakerMonitoring patient in health care settings: targeted therapies, empowerment. From standardisation to personamization: a new deal in patients' demandsMINVIELLE                                    Etienne FRANCE
PLEN-11Keynote speakerUsing nationallevel administratieve data of health Insurance Institte of Slovenia to foster positive changes throughout the healtcare systemDOSENOVIC-BONCA                                Petra SLOVENIA
PLEN-12Keynote speakerConsequences of Covid 10 impact on daily practice; how long does it take to catch-up?TAJAHMADY                               Ayden FRANCE
PLEN-13Keynote speakerCovid-19: from crisis to opportunitiesCOUCKEPhilippeBELGIUM
WS-2WS 2 - Current practice of case-based discussion in continuing education for occupational physicians, insurance physicians, and labour experts: an explorative studyCase-based discussion in continuing education for insurance physicians, occupational physicans, and labour experts: using it to improve collaborationZwaanElmiNETHERLANDS
O-01Healthcare 1Effect of spinam cord burst stimulation vs placebo stimulation on disability patiets with chronic radicular pain after spine surgerySOCABUROHaraUNITED KINGDOM
O-02Healthcare 1Is there a co-variation between finger dexterity speed and outcome in the Test of Memory malignering (TOOM)?von STEDINGKJuliaSWEDEN
O-03Healtcare 1Development of an eHealth intervention in insurance medicine using principles of intervention mappingMULLERElza
O-04Healthcare 1Systematic review of spinal cord stimulation (SCS) versus conventional medical treatment (CMM) in patients with chronic debilitating pain.KUNZReginaSWITZERLAND
O-05Work capacityHow we can benefit from different types of assessments!PERSSONGerthSWEDEN
O-06Work capacity 1Psycho-social determinants predicting disability benefitsBOHNIreneFRANCE
O-07Work capacity 1Does low effort in cognitive validity test covariate with lower maximal hand grip strenght in claimants undergoing medical evaluationvon STEDINGKJuliaSWEDEN
O-08Work capacity 1Ptient centeredness in psychiatric work disability evaluations and interrater agreement of work capacity estimatesROSBURGTimmSWITZERLAND
O-09RTW 1job coaches and medical advisors as actors of adapted work? The example of the Belgian IPS pilot project ('INAMI-ULB 2018')HAMARATNastasiaBELGIUM
O-10RTW 1Interventions in relation to sickness absence in healtcare - a systematic reviewFRIBERGEmilieSWEDEN
O-11RTW 1Development of an evidence-based vocational rehabilitation program and guidance to promote return to work of people with mild functional impairmentsOANCEACorinaROMANIA
O-13RTW 3Active engagement of managers in employee return to work: experiences of participating in a dialogue using Demand and Ability ProtocolHELLMANThereseSWEDEN
O-14RTW 3Vocational rehabilitanion a critical foundation for sustainable long term employment? The perspective of workers with SCI and ABI, employers and professionalsE. FINGERMonikaSWEDEN
O-15 RTW 3Risk factors and service needs for a sustainable work of people with an acquired brain injury: a qualitative multi-stakeholders analysisKARCZKatarzyna
O-16RTW 3Experiences of employees and employers of communication with occupational health professionals during return to work in the NetherlandsKREUGERDonnyNETHERLANDS
O-17Sick leave 1"From the mass summons of insured persons onÿwork stoppageÿto the selection of cases handled by peer-to-peer exchanges. ÿ"DELMOULYNathalieFRANCE
O-18Sick leave 1Period effects in the risk of work disability and unemployment among refugees in Sweden: a register-based cohort studyAMINRidwanulSWEDEN
O-19 Sick leave 1Sequence analysis of sickness absence and disability pension states among privately employed white-collar workers in Sweden; a prospectieve cohort studyFARRANTSKristinSWEDEN
O-20Sick leave 1Video consulting and remote certification in sick leave - New federal directives concerning sick leave assessment and certification in GermanyPANKEJoan ElisabethGERMANY
O-21Sick leave 3A prediction model for the duration of sickness absence due to stroke - a population-based prospective cohort study from SwedenÿGEMESKatalinSWEDEN
O-22Sick leave 3Young employees with previous mental health problems: does part-time sickness absence help remaining on labor marketNARUSYTEJurgita
WS-3WS3 ICFWorkshop ICF in assessment of disability for workOANCEA + DE BOERCorina/WoutROMANIA / NETHERLANDS
WS-4WS4 CochraneCochrane reiews in insurance and occupational medicie: from research to reality and vice versaCochrane reiews in insurance and occupational medicie: from research to reality and vice versa
O-23Sick leave 3Predictors of time until return to work and duration of sickness absence in sick-listed precarious workers with commen mental disordersSUIJKERBUIJKYvonneNETHERLANDS
O-25Healthcare 2Financial medical control in the role of monitoring the introduction of a new payment model in health careQUERRIOUXIsabelleSLOVENIA
O-26Healthcare 2Regulation of the billings of dental surgeons via a gradated support program for controlTOMAIUOLODamienFRANCE
O-27Healthcare 2Immunotherapy usage for treating asthma in BelgiumCOLLECatherineBELGIUM
O-28Healthcare 2"Inequalities in health influence of the gradient of exposure to precariousness on drug prescriptions of general practitioners in Vienne-France"TARSISSIOmarFRANCE
O-29Work capacity 2The design of an evidence-based working method for work disability prognosis evaluationSNOECK - KRYGSMANSylviaNETHERLANDS
O-30Work capacity 2Disease-modifying therapy and work ability among people with multiple sclerosis in SwedenFRIBERG (FITSUM SEBSIBE)Emilie (Teni)SWEDEN
O-32Work capacity 2Evaluation of common mental disorders in insurance medicine - a functional capacity approachHARGOTNathalie
O-33RTW 2Patients' needs regarding work-focused healthcare: a qualitative evidence synthesisHAGENDIJKMarijeNETHERLANDS
O-35RTW 2perceived jab quality among persons with spinal cord injury and its association with sociodemegraphic characteristics, healt-related factors, and person-job matchGALVIS APPARRICIOMayra
O-36RTW 2Reasonable accommodation in the workplace in Italy: present status and perspectivesDAL POZZOCristinaITALY
0-38RTW 2return to work after total hip arthroplastyWOUTERSNicky TNETHERLANDS
O-40RTW 2Large varability in recommandations for return to daily life activities including work and sport after knee arthoplasty in the NetherlandsANEMAJNETHERLANDS
O-41Sick leave 2Sickness absence and disability pension before and after healthcare for post-traumatic stress disorder and workplace injuries: a prospective cohort studyFARRANTSKristinSWEDEN
O-42Sick leave 2Occupational branch and labor market marginalization among young employees with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder - a population-based studyGEMESKatalinSWEDEN
O-43Sick leave 2Evaluation of RE-MODE: a tool for the identification of the return-to-work mode in sick-listed precarious workers with mental health issuesSUIJKERBUIJKYvonneNETHERLANDS
O-45Sick leave 4Impact of job characteristics on return-to-work interval following arthroscopic partial meniscectomyVAN DONINCKJefBELGIUM
O-46Sick leave 4Prior diagnosis-specific sickness absence and disability pension and future paid work: a Swedish 6-year cohort study of all aged 65MARTIKAINENAleksiinaSWEDEN
O-47Sick leave 4Sickness absence and disability pension after road trafic accidebt, a nationwide study comparing road traffic groups with matched referencesKJELDGARDLineaSWEDEN
O-48Sick leave 4Parental factors, offspring lifestyle factors and risk of long-term sick leave among offspring due to musculoskeletal disorder: the HUNT studyMOEKarolineSWEDEN
WS-5WS 5 EESSIElectronic Exchange of Social Security Information (EESSI) - Exchange of medical information
MS-1MS 1 - Impact of long-lasting effects of Covid-19 on social security. Expert opinionImpact of long-lasting effects of Covid-19 on social security. Expert opinion.DONKER-COOLSBirgitNETHERLANDS
MS-1MS 1 - Impact of long-lasting effects of Covid-19 on social security. Expert opinionImpact of long-lasting effects of Covid-19 on social security. Expert opinion.PERSONHannaNORWAY
MS-1MS 1 - Impact of long-lasting effects of Covid-19 on social security. Expert opinionImpact of long-lasting effects of Covid-19 on social security. Expert opinion.OANCEACorinaROMANIA
O-49Healthcare 3Factors influencing a roadmap for sustainable implementation of vocational rehabilitation of people with mental disorders: a qualitative studyNOTEBOOMYvonneNETHERLANDS
O-50Healthcare 3The concept of positive health: applicable for insurance medicine evaluation?LEMTIJN-SLENTERAnjaNETHERLANDS
O-51Healthcare 3Exploring the perspectives of insurance physicians on client values in social insurance medicineZIPFELNinaGERMANY
O-52Healthcare 3Post-stroke ambulatory rehabilitation: a long way to qualityPAPINAUDLaurenceFRANCE
O-53DemographicWork adjustments among employed people with multiple sclerosis: a survey studyMACHADOAlejandraSWEDEN
O-54DemographicConcurrent changes of residential regions and sustainable working life in SwedenROPPONENAnninaSWEDEN
O-55DemographicRisk of labour market marginalisation among refugees by the host country of residence: A cohort study in Sweden and NorwayAMINRidwanulSWEDEN
O-56Demographic"Health and morbidity among those in paid work after age 64: a systematic review ÿ"FARRANTSKristinSWEDEN
O-57DemographicHealth inequalities - Quantitative study of economic inequalities in health and health care utilisation in BelgiumNOIRHOMMEClaraBELGIUM
O-58RTW 5A multicenter focus group analysis of experiences and perceptions of the lumbar spine rehabilitation program in BelgiumBRAECKMANLutgartBELGIUM
O-59RTW 5Work Participation after Multimodal Rehabilitation due to Neurological Diseases. Representative Analyses Using Routine Data of the German Pension Insurance.STREIBELTMarcoGERMANY
O-60RTW 5Sustainable vocational integration: Examining the long-term success of specialized vocational rehabilitation services for persons with spinal cord injurySCHWEGLERUrbanSWITZERLAND
O-61RTW 5Return to work after psychosomatic rehabilitation. Representative findings basedSTREIBELTMarcoGERMANY
O-62RTW 7Exploring inability to work fulltime and paid employment among work disability benefit applicants: a longitudinal studyHOEKSTRATialdaNETHERLANDS
O-64RTW 7Work-related medical rehabilitation in patients with mental disorders: results of a randomized controlled trial at completion of inpatient rehabilitationMARKUSMiriamGERMANY
O-65RTW 7Back to work after bariatric surgery, a Belgian population studyFABRIValerieBELGIUM
O-66Training / Changing profileTask transfer to social nurses in long term disability assessmentLECOINTREDominiqueFRANCE
0-67Training / Changing profileBest practice Whiplash-effective treatments for WAD I-II. Recomandations for liability insurersREITSMAAngeliqueNETHERLANDS
O-68Training / Changing profileExperience of and solutions for practice in social insurance settings for medical studentsHARAKaren WalsethNORWAY
O-69Training / Changing profileA knowledge team in insurance medicine within psychiatric healthcare in Stockholm, SwedenFRIBERGEmilie SWEDEN
O-70Sick leave 5a mixA mixed-method approach to explore return to work among transgender and gender diverse peopleVAN de CAUTERJoyNETHERLANDS
O-71Sick leave 5Prior sickness absence and/or disability pension and income from work after age 65 and 70 in SwedenMARTIKAINENAleksiinaSWEDEN
O-72Sick leave 5Sociodemographic and morbidity characteristics of people receiving long-term sickness benefits ÿOANCEACorinaROMANIA
0-73Sick leave 5Occupational prestige and future sickness absence and disability pension in women and men. A Swedish nationwide prospectiev cohort studyHENSINGGunnelSWEDEN
MS-2MS 2Introducing in Fact the individual fuctional activity composite toolDESMETBartBELGIUM
WS-6WS 6 Value-based healthcare in Insurance Medicine: Adding value by measuring client-relevant outcomesHagendijkMarijeNETHERLANDS
O-74Healthcare 4Domestic violence ad child abuse, insurance physicians what to do: ignoring or signaling the signalsMOOKJanetSWEDEN
O-75Healthcare 4"Influence of the characteristics of multidisciplinary nursing homes (MSPs) on colorectal cancer screening ÿ"DURMONTPatrickFRANCE
O-76Healthcare 4Regulation of dysfunctional practices of dental surgeons in Occitania via a gradated support programSOUSTREEmmanuelleFRANCE
0-77 Healthcare 4Expectations toward involving social security services within a national care pathwayHAGHSHENASMaryamSWEDEN
O-78Healthcare 5Two years after implementing an electronic prior authorisation request service for bariatric surgery, have we observed an improvement?LEUTENEGGEREricFRANCE
O-79Healthcare 5Overconsumption of healthcare services in patients undergoing surgery under general or regional anesthesia - new approach to monitor healthcare providersMRAKJanaSLOVENIA
O-80Healthcare 5An intersectoral health- and welfare intervention in Norwegian workplaces (Health in Work) - a potential for sick-leave reduction?
O-81Healthcare 5Individual Placement and Support and a Participatory Workplace Intervention as support for people with a disability in the municipal setting.OUDE GEERDINKEsm‚eNETHERLANDS
O-82RTW 6Multi-professional team-based efficacyELFMikaelSWEDEN
O-83RTW 6 translating prognostic factors for long-term work disability among cancer survivors to recomendations for the guideline Cancer and Workde RIJKAngeliqueNETHERLANDS
O-84RTW 6Return to work after cancer rehabilitation: Representative analyses using routine data of the German Pension InsuranceFAUSERDavidGERMANY
O-85RTW 6Factors related to the return-to-work of head and neck cancer patients in Belgium: a multivariate Fine-Gray regression model analysis.VAN DEN BROECKEMaximBELGIUM
O-86Changing legislationAttention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder: a database bottleneckPAPINAUDLaurenceFRANCE
0-87Changing legislationBest practices Whiplash-effective treatments for WAD I-IIREITSMAAngeliqueNETHERLANDS
O-88Changing legislationProspective Assessment of structural characteristics in hospitals. A new field of assessment in Germany.PETZOLDThomasGERMANY
O-89Changing legislationSupporting dentits in the proper use of the dental nomenclature in the Centre-Val de Loire regionLAFFERAYRIEMarcFRANCE
O-90Changing legislationThe significance of organisational and social work environment provisions on sickness absence due to mental diagnoses in SwedenNYMANCarinSWEDEN
O-91COVIDSick leave the first year after COVID 19: a nationwide population study in SwedenPERSSONHanna C.SWEDEN
O-93COVIDCOVID19 and invalidity assessment without clinical examinationÿ: impact on insured people disputesGRAVETClaireFRANCE
O-94COVIDRecognition of COVID-19 as occupational diseases victims in the French social security systemPIALOTFran‡oisFRANCE
O-95COVIDSickness absence among 299.484 blue-collar workers in the trade industry during the COVID 19 pandemic; a Swedish prospective cohort studyFARRANTSKristinSWEDEN
O-96Information technologyDoes video-based assessment for determining the need for long-term care work?KIMMELAndreaGERMANY
O-97Information technologyCan e-consultation improve access to care in deprived areas?LATILFrancoisFRANCE
O-98Information technologyFacilitators and barriers for te implementation of eHealth from a healthcare professional's perspective - results of a review of reviewsMULLERElzaGERMANY
O-99Information technologyA comprehensive screening monitoring process for drug fraudROUSSELHenriFRANCE
F-1Session francophoneLe régime complémentaire de sécurité sociale d’AlsaceLorraine. Du legs historique aux dynamiqueslocalesFELTZAlexandreFRANCE
F-1Session francophonevideoFELTZAlexandreFRANCE
F-2Session francophoneLe dossier médical et rapportsthe different authors of F-2FRANCE
F-2.1Session francophoneLe choix des mots dans les rapports de prestationPERCOT-PEDRONOMagaliFRANCE
F-2.2Session francophoneRappel réglementaireBUISSONJérémieFRANCE
F-2.3Session francophoneUne donnée sensible mais à prendre en compte: les abus dans l'enfanceNOELEtienneFRANCE
F-2.4session francophoneles inscriptions dangereuses dans les rapports médicauxPERCOT-PEDRONO / GABELLONMagali/IsabelleFRANCE
F-3Session francophoneRegards croisés sur les communications francophonesFRANCE
F-3.1.1Session francophoneLes transferts de tâches: comparaison des avis des médecins et des infirmières sur l'arrêt de travailBECKERPascalFRANCE
F-3.1.2Session francophoneles transferts de tâches: le transfer de tâche des ALD aux infirmièresles transferts de tâches: le transfer de tâche des ALD aux infirmièresLECOINTREDominiqueFRANCE
F-3.2.1Session francophoneLes arrêts de travail - L'invalidité: les enseignements à tirer des avis donnés en invalidité sur personnes pendant la période CovidGRAVETClaireFRANCE
F-3.3Session francophoneLa décision médicale : l’arrivée de la CMRA a-t-elle changé la donne en matière de résultat pour l’assuré ?HERANEYDyaneFRANCE
F-3.4Session francophoneLe mauvais usage des médicaments : le mauvais usage du Fentanyl en Nouvelle AquitaineLEFEBVREKarineFRANCE
F-4Session francophonel'L'analyse critique des manuscrits; à la recherche du contre-intuitifLATILFrançoisFRANCE

F-5Session francophoneLes médecins évaluateurs de la capacité de travailGABELLONIsabelleFRANCE
F-6Session francophoneAux sources de la performance : l’organisationCABANELMarie-ClaudeFRANCE