presentations congress Stockholm

Alexanderson, Kristina

Sick leave certification: Problems, solutions and evidence

How do managers in healthcare organisations manage the work with sickness certification of patients?

Suicidal behavior among young adults on disability pension; prospective population-based cohort studies.

Andersén, Ingrid

Self-efficacy in women on long term sick leave Speaker: Åsa Andersén

Arrelöv, Britt

The medical audit method might improve proffessional compentence regarding sickness certification

Quality of sickness certification in primary health care in Stockholm 2004-2009 and 2010-2011

Bachmann, Monica

Development of Questionnaire about Claimant’s Satisfaction with the Assessment of Work Capacity Speaker: Regina Kunz

Development of an Intervention in Psychiatric Assessment of Work Capacity Speaker: Wout De Boer

Bahemann Andreas

Health promotion or ”health orientation” and the Medical Service of the German Federal Employment Agency (i. e. the German Federal Unemployment Insurance).

Boeckxstaens, Chris

Cardiac revascularisation: Comparing cost and return to work in PCI and CABG patients.

Boersema, Henk-Jan

The assessment of work endurance in European countries

Bohs, Susanne

The Importance of applying a quality management system in work disability reports.

Borgès Da Silva, George

Continuing professional development: Another approach to the analysis of healthcare practices

Borgés Da Silva, Gisele

Virtual libraries for sharing knowledge

Bos, Chiel

Interaction and friction between the healthcare system and work incapacity regulations and practices

Brekke, Dag

Rapid return to work for persons on long-term sick leave due to musculoskeletal and common mental disorders. A controlled cohort study.

Brudin, Ann-Marie

Enabling return to work through preventive sickness allowance during adjuvant treatment for breast cancer.

Bülow, Pia

Supported user participation: Alignment in multiparty crossinstitutional conversations about work capacity

Callens, Michael

Evaluation of developments in health care: Online surveys by a health insurance fund

Cappan, Ilse and Lambrechts, Roel

How to improve incapacity assessment and return to work policy in social health insurance

Carlsson, Lars

Early multidisciplinary assessment resulted in longer periods of sick leave

Cornelius, Bert

Predictors of functional improvement and future work status after the disability benefit claim: A prospective cohort study

Corsi, Carla

International code of ethics for occupational health professionals: Guide for physicians of Italian workers’ compensation authority Workshop

Dal Pozzo, Cristina

Work-Related skin diseases: A European overview

De Boer, Wout

Insurance medicine in Europe Expectation of sickness abscense duration: A review on statements in guidlines in western countries

De Rijk, Angelique

Labour participation across six chronic conditions: The importance of self-rated health

Dekkers-Sánchez, Patricia

Improvement of work ability assessments of employees on long term sick leave in Insurance Medicine -results of the thesis

Eisenhuth, Marc

Control and assessment of dental care reimbursed in Belgium: Illustration by two investigations

Ekvall, Ann-Britt

Early contact with the employer/employment services – three -party meeting/call

Erwall, Elisabeth

From research projects to patient benefit. A Rehabilitation Network in Sweden for research and implementation Workshop: Rehabilitation of individuals with mental or musculoskeletal disorders in primary care. Examples from a national research program (REHSAM) in Sweden.

Fabri, Valerie

ATLAS de l’agence intermutualiste (Publication of the Inter-mutual agency)

Falez, Freddy

Réforme des missions de médecins conseils de sécurité sociale en Belgique. (Reform of the responsibilites of social security medical advisers in Belgium)

Ethical challenge in Social Insurance Medicine. Inversion of paradigms Workshop

Fleten, Nils

Intertester reliability in the diagnostics of patients with shoulder complaints

Gard, Gunvor

Web-based knowledge support in combination with multimodal pain rehabilitation (MMR) in primary health care, an RCT-study in the north of Sweden

Garin, Martine

Identification of the possible occupational origin of bladder tumours and informing those insured

Gladh, Lena and El-Far, Ahmad

START – experiences from a cooperation project assisting people with disabilities to reach paid employment

Goine, Hans

Effects of a randomized experiment and certificates

Previous selfrated work ability as a predictor of current sickness absence in Sweden

Guimond, Christine

Prescriptions à tort de fentanyl d’action rapide, fentanyl par voie transmuqueuse. (Incorrect prescribing of immediate-release fentanyl, transmucosal fentanyl)

Gustavsson, Catharina

ALAR – Rehabilitation for persistent pain: A randomized controlled pilot trial of a return-to-work intervention.

Hara Walseth, Karen

Return to work rehabilitation for patients with fatique in mixed patient groups

Hart, Grazyna

E-sick leave certificates – Will they quicken clients return to work?

Hattar, Hani

The impact of collaboration between primary care and pain unit on patient rehabilitation

Hoving, Jan

Prognostication and use of evidence in disability assessments

Hubertsson, Jenny

Sick leave patterns in common musculoskeletal disorders – A study of doctor prescribed sick leave

Hällgren, Solveig

Management system for sickness certification tasks in clinical practice

 Jansson, Inger

The Concept of ‘work abiIlity’ from the view point of employers

Järvholm, Bengt

Systematic reviews in insurance medicine

Kaufman, Jehoshua

An attempt to validate amalingering-identifying checklist A search for signs of malingering – A practical study. Workshop

Kaukiainen, Ari

Economic evaluation of occupational disease screening – chronic solvent encephalopathy as an example

Kedzia, Sarah

Swiss general practitioners and sickness certification: A survey on problems and needs

Knutsson, Pernilla.

Vocational rehabilitation via practice in different European countries through project ’KRUT’ (Cofinancing: ’Finsam and ’ESF’)

Konráðsdóttir, Asa Dora

The Expansion of the EUMASS core set and the development of the work ability assessment in Iceland.

Kunz, Regina

Peter Donceel memorial lecture: Evidence based insurance medicine – Why is it needed? How is it possible?

Evidence-based insurance medicine. What is the need of the community? Workshop/Contributors: Kristina Alexanderson, Wout De Boer, Sandra Brouwer, Jan Buitenhuis, Jason Busse

Larsson, Jan

Profiling Ability: A new way towards transparency and fairness in work capacity decisions in Sweden

Latil, François

Le non recours aux arrêts de travail lors des syndromes coronariens aigus. (Non-use of time off work in acute coronary syndromes)

Latry, Phillipe

Utilisation de l’analyse en composantes principales (ACP) pour déterminer une population cible potentielle pour une intervention en santé publique. (Use of principal component analysis to determine a potential target population for a public health intervention.)

Legkobyt, Tatiana

Le retour au travail, y compris les déterminants de sa réussite. (Return to work, including factors determining success)

Lidwall, Ulrik

Sick leave diagnoses and return to work: A swedish register study

Lindström, Pål

Using digital workflow with decision support system and case management in order to decrease sick leave abscence

Lipowska, Malgorzata

Work absenteeism and controlling of sick abuse in polish social insurance institution (ZUS)

Ljungquist, Therese

Sickness certification as a work environment problem – results from a nation-wide survey in Sweden

Masten Cuznar, Olivera

Insurance quality as a part of the total quality of general practitioner’s work

Mirica, Roxana

Compensations and pension benefits within the Romanian Social Insurance System

Modin, Göran

Electronic sick leave certificates in Sweden

Mortelmans, Katrien

Inter-physician collaboration to prevent long-term sickness absence: A delphi study commissioned by the Belgian government.

Nordström, Karin

Individual- and workplace variables associated with job change among individuals with experience of long term sick leave

Norendal Braathen, Tore

Readiness for return to work scale and future work participation in occupational rehabilitation in Norway.

Nyman, Irene

Green rehabilitation coordinated rehabilitation for persons on sick leave in county of Uppsala.

Olsson Bohlin, Christina

Sick leave and mental disorders: Risk factors and consequences

Oancea, Corina

Coordinates and challenges in assessing invalidity in Romania

Palmer, Edward

Effects of early intervention on sick leave and disability grants – a Swedish experiment

Perrot, Pascal

Pragmatic targeted prevention programme for independent workers.

Petersson, Ingemar

To evidence base the return to work process for people with mental or musculoskeletal disorders Workshop: Rehabilitation of individuals with mental or musculoskeletal disorders in primary care. Examples from a national research program (REHSAM) in Sweden.

Pjanic, Irena

Screening for complex healing processes and psychological intervention in injured individuals.

Prins, Rienk

Reducing high sickness absence levels: More responsibilities for the employer?

Post Sennehed, Charlotte

Workup- weekly text-messages follow-up of sick leave, work ability and productivity for back pain patients.

Prieur, Jean-Paul

New services in French Healthcare Insurance: A new paradigm of risk management for the medical service

Radford, Kate

Early stroke specific vocational rehabilitation (ESSVR): A feasibility randomised controlled trial.

Ricordeau, Philippe

The increasing use of health insurance database to evaluate drug safety: The French example.

Schwegler, Urban

Job matching in vocational rehabilitation – integrating approaches from return to work and organisational research.

Solesse, Anne

Collaboration between the national authority for health and the national health insurance: The ALD coverage system.

Solli, Hans-Magnus

From biomedical disability to ability-based health in psychiatrists’ and psychology experts’ social security certificates.

Spanjer, Jerry

Effects of a training in the disability assessment structured interview on Dutch insurance physicians.

Stigmar, Kjerstin

Increased employment rate after multimodal rehabilitation, in patients with no prior sick leave

Arts and culture in rehabilitation improves health related quality of life

Ström Olsson, Kristina

The welfare challenge in Sweden

Ståhl, Christian

Conditions for implementing motivational interviewing in sickness insurance: The challenge of developing and maintaining skills

Sundkvist, Eva-Marie

ICF Support in the medical certificate in Jönköping county

Tiedtke, Corine

The employers’ perspective on RTW support of employees with breast cancer

Timmermans, Luc

Proposition d’une méthode de calcul d’invalidité personnelle lors d’une atteinte à l’intégrité physico-psychique relative à une incontinence urinaire. (Proposal for a method of calculation individual disability during a breach of physio-physic integrity on urinary incontinence)

Objectivation de l’impact qualitatif d’une infirmière référente en consultation d’urologie. (Qualitative assessment of the impact of a specialist nurse in outpatient urology consultations)

Tomazic, Tomaz

New resection guide assisted endoprosthetics promises better joint mechanics and less disability

Triggs, Paul

Evidence based underwriting in health and life insurance

Turčić, Nada

Occupational diseases in healthcare sector in Croatia

Uttermalm, Alf

Natureassisted therapy in the Swedish region Västmanland Horticultural rehabilitation is proven effective

Waldemarsson, Emelie

From activity compensation to employment.

Van Muijen, Peter

Factors associated with work disability in employed cancer survivors at 24-month sick leave

Van Nunen, Karolien

Sickness absence in Belgian companies: Extent of the problem and monitoring

Wang, Mo

Socio-demographics, health care, and sickness absence as risk indicators for suicidal behaviour in depressed patients

Weibring, Jan

Impaired lung function, a criteria for sickness compensation from the Swedish Social Insurance Agency regardin COPD?

Vermeulen, Sylvia

Long-term effects of a participatory RTW program for sick workers with musculoskeletal disorders.

Verzeletti, Andrea

Occupational lung cancer: Autospy findings regarding 139 cases from Bresica (Italy) Institute of Forensic Medicine

Wiholm, Clairy

A national research program; REHSAM /rehabilitation and collaboration Workshop: Rehabilitation of individuals with mental or musculoskeletal disorders in primary care. Examples from a national research program (REHSAM) in Sweden.

Wijnvoord, Elisabeth

Incidence and recurrence of sickness absence periods in university and college educated self-employed

Wind, Haije

Disability, a concern of women or not? A view behind the numbers

Wrede, Helene

A systematic review whether return to work rate changes after 3-6 months of sick leave